Kadre Gired Baras

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Of Shendenflar


Kadre Gired Baras is Simeon and Arianna Baras’ only son and sole heir to the throne of Shendenflar. Handsome and charming he is constantly assailed by nobles to marry their daughters. Kadre who is twenty five years old feels he has plenty to time to “find the right girl” to settle down with. He has been trained almost from birth to assume the crown one day although he is in no hurry to do so. He is a combination of his parents charming and decisive like his father and passionate and sometimes impulsive like his mother. Traits that will serve him well when he becomes king. He currently holds the rank of Commander in charge of the Shendenflarian House Guard: A military unit tasked with the protection of Riverhewn and of the royal family. He like his father is a excellent leader. If he were to have a fault in his leadership style it might be that he considers his men to be his friends as well as his subordinates. He played a crucial role in preparing Riverhewn for a possible invasion as the wars ground to an end. Thankfully that invasion never came to pass but it was a great comfort to his father that thanks to Kadre the city would have been ready. His martial skill is almost unequaled in the kingdom and his reputation as a firm fair leader is fully in place. He truly possess all the skills he requires to take leadership of the kingdom someday.


Kadre Gired Baras

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