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This campaign setting is a 20+ year work in progress that was born from many late night game sessions. I was involved in a long running campaign that had many extended “breaks” that allowed me (and other players) to create our own settings. Shendenflar was born from one of these breaks.

General Campaign Premise
The Kingdom of Shendenflar is set in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting. It is located in the Tiger Nomad lands in the Northern Flanaess. For the purposes of this campaign it is assumed that the Tiger Nomads never existed.The Wolf Nomads have not been altered and their lands border the Kingdom to the east.

Game System
The Kingdom of Shendenflar was written for AD+D 2nd Edition.

Campaign Philosophy
I have a true love of role playing. It has always been the mainstay for any game that I have been involved in and this setting is no different. Although there are plenty of opportunities for combat I tend to place a premium on role play. There is much intrigue and character interaction in this setting.

Acknowledgements & Credits

Obviously a campaign is not an island. No one writes one without at least some inspiration and I am no different. I draw inspiration from the masters that have gone before me and the wonderful people I have had the privilege of gaming with over the years.

A few specific thanks: Gary Gygax without you we’d all be rolling 6 sided dice for money instead of fun… Carl Seargent: Oh those supplements… My first and last DM and everyone in between: Without you I would have never known how important a story can be.

All of the original Kingdom Of Shendenflar material in this campaign was written by J.Tougas (me) Over the span of 20 years. All Greyhawk material included in this campaign is credited to the individual authors of the material and to Wizards of the Coast LLC Copyright©1995-2011, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Additionally The various images in this wiki are credited to their original creators. All maps featured on this wiki were created by J.Tougas.

I would also like to thank everyone at the Cartographers Guild for all their help If you are interested in cartography and want to either learn it or be better at it this is the place to go.

Kingdom Of Shendenflar

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