The Kingdom and Other Nations

The Kingdom of Shendenflar sits upon the Northern most inhabitable land in the Flanaess.The kingdom is approximately 270 miles East to West and 285 miles North to South. It should be noted that the Kingdom does not claim the Burneal Forest as part of it’s lands. Once a great hunting preserve for the Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdi, the kingdom found independence in the year 147 CY. It could not have done so without the help of it’s allies. The “Northern Kingdom Alliance” as it came to be known consists of the Kingdom’s of Perrenland, Furyondy and the Archprelacy of Veluna all former vassals to the Great Kingdom. This alliance fostered trade between the members and promised mutual protection in time of war. This was sorely tested during the continent spanning wars of 580-585 CY. While the Kingdom of Furyondy was the only alliance member actually attacked by the evil Iuz, every member nation was active in the wars. Shendenflar particularly found itself beseeched by not only Furyondy but also by Nyrond who was waging a desperate war against the now-mad Overking and his demonic forces. Even now after the wars. Shendenflar continues to provide aid to Furyondy and Nyrond as well as supplying weapons and troops to Furyondy to aid it in recapturing lands lost to the Old One.

Northern Kingdom Alliance Nations

Map of Shendenflar and Environs

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The Kingdom and Other Nations

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