The Guilds of the Kingdom


Shendenflar, like most large well developed countries has an extensive network of guilds. These guilds have a growing influence over the kingdom’s economy. Unlike some other countries the Shendenflarian guilds do not have a monopoly over the services that they cover. The Shendenflarian kings have been wise enough over the years to not allow the guilds to restrict the production of goods or services to the guilds as this would surely lead to the guilds effectively ruling the kingdom. The guilds do however have large memberships and make sure that their goods or services are featured prominently in the shops and markets of the kingdom. For the most part the guilds can procure materials and market space for their members as well as monitor quality. Several of the older more powerful guilds also act as money lenders and as such have made large investments in the cities making their influence even greater.Guild formation is closely monitored and most applications for new guilds are denied. King Baras believes in competition among the providers of goods and services and not among guilds offering the same goods or services as this inevitably leads to chaos.

A note about the guilds of Riverhewn and Stormhaven

For the most part the two large cities have the same guilds. These guilds are treated as independent of each other and each guild will have it’s own guild house and master. Co-operation between these guilds is common and for the most part relations between the guilds are good.

The following is a list of all the currently recognized guilds. with guild hall location (and name) and the contact person for that guild. It should be noted that most guild halls are not marked as such and are for the use of the guilds members only. Also not all of the guilds contact persons are the Guildmaster. It can be quite difficult to get an audience with the master of the guilds.

The Guilds Of Shendenflar

Baker’s Guild
HQ – Master Baker’s Hall – Goods Ward, Riverhewn/ The Stone Hall-Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Bragnus Resindsay- Resindsay Fine Pastires, Goods Ward, Riverhewn/ Orin Tyden-Seas Wind Bakery,Port Ward, Stormhaven

The Bakers Guilds are very wealthy. Their wares are known to be of good quality, and many citizens of Shendenflar’s cities live largely on breads and pastries. This, of course, makes them of great interest to those trying to get money for investments in other businesses (which has increased these guilds influence with other guilds, and the influence of individual bakers with other merchants), and to thieves. As a result of the attentions of the latter group, most bakers have runners who both deliver hot wares to customers who place large orders, and serve to chase thieves and act as bodyguards to protect the bakers and their cash. These private guards have no authority, but the watch usually cooperates with them rather than resenting or cautioning them.

Carpenters’, Roofers’ and Plaisterers’ Guild
HQ – The Stone House – South Ward, Riverhewn/ The Wooden Palace-Port Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Akhan Thaladhan – Thaladhan Roofing, Goods Ward, Riverhewn/ Lalfar Aldaren-Aldaren Carpentry Port Ward, Stormhaven

These guilds are extremely busy and extremely rich, with many members; even casual labor hired by its members must be enrolled in the guild (even if only as apprentices),although the guilds are continually unsuccessful in attempts to force the Government to legally restrict building, construction, and repair within the cities to guild members. The Government has repeatedly taken the position that a building is the property of its owner, who may modify, repair, or rebuild it if he or she wishes, and that any system of inspection must remain within the power of the Government, and not be made a guild affair. There have been several instances of guild members sabotaging non-guild work (to convince building owners to trust only the guild: you can be sure our work won’t collapse around you . . . .), but by and large members of these guilds are too busy for such mischief. They have their hands full just keeping up with demands from nobles to build this or that new, bigger, and higher, and from merchants to repair this or that as cheaply as possible so long as it won’t fall down, and finish it by tonight . Guild work is expensive: 1 Crown per man per day on the site, plus 5 Crowns for a guild surveyor-chartist, and 5 Crowns for a guild engineer (usually the boss of a work crew, with the surveyor-chartist being the crew’s liaison with clients), plus the cost of materials, and a flat 10 Crowns per day fee for crew needs. (food and drink), regardless of the size of that day’s crew. These guilds do serviceable work, although they boast no great engineering genius in their ranks at present, and specialize in competent repair work.
Most guild members will do work outside of the cities for a price. Arrangements with “muscle” (often adventurers down on their luck) to persuade clients toying with the idea of not paying for work done, to make sure payment is prompt and in full are common. Outside the cities most guild members design their own buildings if a client does not wish to, but inside The cities that is the province of another guild, and members of this guild only do on-site surveying to match already-prepared plans (although they may occasionally pretend otherwise.)

Cellarers’ and Plumbers’ Guild
HQ – The Old Guildhall – Goods Ward, Riverhewn / The New Hall- Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Bendhar Stonehands – Stonehands Plumbing and Pipefitting, Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ Randar Abardon-Abardon Pipefitting Port Ward, Stormhaven

These guilds are small, highly trained, and somewhat scornful of the thick-fingered clods of the Carpenters, Roofers, and Plaisterers Guild, whose work they constantly encounter in the course of their duties; with the advent of the Loyal Order of Street Laborers, they have even less respect, as that guild’s trade in street repair used to be a primary source of income for this guild. The Cellarers and Plumbers Guilds are now strictly concerned with digging building foundations, and keeping the sewers of the cities functional and safe. The guild is engaged in constant small repair jobs in the sewers about the cities, but is no longer responsible for restoring the surface of any street or courtyard dug up; they simply send a runner to the Loyal Order promptly upon completion of the work, and that other guild handles the repair. Their reward for hours of muck and backbreaking digging are the highest fees of any of the service guilds: 2 Crowns per man per day or part of a day (most crews are two or three men in size) plus materials, and a crew head. (food and drink retainer) of 10 Crowns per day or part of a day. Materials commonly used include lots of pipe, fashioned by other guilds, depending on whether it is made out of metal or clay; the cellarers and plumbers lay it, support it with stones and talus or wooden collars of their own fashioning, and seal everything with various secret mixtures of pitch, gravel, lime, sand, and similar materials. Members of these guilds unearth many things during the course of their diggings. By the rules of the guilds, they are bound to tell only the owner (most will do so only if the owner is observing, or asks directly) upon request, or fellow guild members, of treasure, skeletons, valuables, secret passages, and the like (they may keep any of these that they can make off with undetected by the owner or the watch, by guild rules). Most senior guild members, in their work of draining cellars or repairing the sewage plumbing of old buildings, learn the general layout of the cities sewers. Some believe that members of this guild know of underground pipes and cavities that lead nowhere, but are used by this guild for storing weapons, magic, and treasure and, disposing of the occasional corpse, where only earthquake or the guild will find it. Some believe that these guilds know of, or even make, hidden tunnels leading into the treasure vaults of nobles, and the cellars of Castle Shendenflar itself. Some are correct.

Coopers’ Guild
HQ – Cooper’s Rest, Dock Ward,Riverhewn/ The Barrel and Cask Shop- Port Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Rugglar Tossarim – Master Cooper Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ Stoatris Arroway-Master Cooper Port Ward, Stormhaven

The Coopers Guilds are always kept busy. Many things that go aboard ships in the kingdom’s busy ports, or leave it’s cities by caravan, require their barrels. Members of these guilds cut, steam, and shape the wood, and form and weld the metal (from hoop stock supplied by the Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers) of the bands, of barrels themselves, and charge 5 Princes to 5 Crowns per barrel, depending on the size (from foot-long hand-keg, with rope handle, to 20-foot-long cellar cask; most produced are 1-crown, 10-gallon barrels).
Long ago, Shendenflarians discovered that one of the best ways to smuggle things in and out of the kingdom is in sealed barrels, so the City Watch inspects barrels at random, paying the guild a resealing fee of 3 Princes per barrel. A guild member caught smuggling will be fined heavily (usually 50 Crowns). One caught with a dead body or two in a cask will be imprisoned, and may lose his or her guild membership(such membership losses are quietly restored by the guild when imprisonment ends),and yet this happens constantly; most guild members cannot resist the free gold they are offered for doing so. Seventy-five Crowns or more is expected, per barrel of contraband.

Council of Farmer-Grocers
HQ – The Market Hall, River Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Ballbaas Partall – The Voice of the Master
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

This guild is a consortium whose membership changes annually with the fortunes of harvest; memberships expire in Fireseek, the dead of winter, and run for one year, except for roughly 25 life memberships, which are without exception held by noble families with vast landholdings. The Council determines prices for raw grain and arranges milling and warehouse facilities in Riverhewn (which it controls) the milling business provides the guild with its bread and-butter operating money, and when warehouses are emptied in winter, with no crops available to replace them until first harvest, the guild rents the space to other merchants. The guild also receives regular funds from the Government in return for keeping the cities granaries and icehouses full of provisions, to feed the Castle and the military, and have emergency food on hand in case of siege or crop disaster. The guild arranges market stall space for its members (although individual members must pay the daily fees), and provides cartage for spoiled food to the refuse dumps west of Riverhewn.

Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, and Choristers
HQ – The House of Song, Goods Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Robinton Harper- Voice of the Council, Harpers Instruments-Goods Ward, Riverhewn
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

This guild elects its master every seven years, nominating only candidates from within its membership, and eliminating the least popular candidate in successive ballots until a Master Musician is chosen. Maras Kilander, the current incumbent, has never been unseated in such an election, and has held the post for 66 years (he is now 87 years of age). If he dies in office, the Voice of the Council (the young Musician Robinton Harper) will run the Council until the regular seven-year election time comes again (although he may of course run as a candidate in that election).
This guild admits only skilled, accomplished artisans as full members, and its members enjoy a good reputation for quality and command high fees as a result. Member performers gain a typical fee of 6 Crowns/day. Member instrument-makers command 1 Crown/day, with many days often involved in the making of a custom instrument.
In Shendenflar, true professionals in music are not prima donnas with difficult tempers or a need for creative self expression that overwhelms tact. Rather, they pride themselves on giving a client exactly what is desired or needed, performed superbly. Often clients write terrible tunes or lyrics for a guild member to perform at private parties, weddings, or other ceremonies. Members of this guild may embellish such efforts to make them sound better (previewing them in private before the performance for the client’s approval), but they never change a client’s work because they know better.It is just not done. Apprentices unable to cure themselves of such rashness will forever remain apprentices.
Guild members do tutor non-musicians, and do give their own concerts, many being performed at various taverns and inns in the cities. Among Shendenflar’s wealthier inhabitants, hosting (and sponsoring) such concerts of an evening is a popular pastime. Certain members of this guild create instruments of quality known throughout the Flanaess. Guild members have a standing contract with the government to provide the signal-horns for the guard.

Dungsweepers’ Guild
HQ – Muleskull Tavern, Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ The City Depot-Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Zulgoss Helberad Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ Frunan Soldshort-Sea Ward, Stormhaven

These are poor guilds, consisting of those who clean the streets (and, for a fee, the stables of others) in Shendenflar’s cities. Normally, they do not do sewer work, the province of another guild, but the government , for security reasons, reserves the right when necessary to contact the Masters of these guilds to hire guild members to help in such work (by the day; the government pays 5 Princes to the worker and 3 Princes to the guild, per worker).The Dungsweepers have a traditional right to keep anything discarded for their own use. Obvious valuables are to be turned in to the Masters for sale, the individual sweeper receiving half the sale value and the guild the other half. Guild members bring their sweepings to Gate Ward,in Riverhewn and the Long Road in Stormhaven where large wagons provided by the guilds take the refuse once per day under guard by a mounted patrol of City Watch, to refuse dumps outside of the cities. Prospective smugglers should note that the Watch inspect the wagons and their loads carefully as they are being filled and emptied, and as they re-enter the cities, looking underneath and with an attendant low-level mage employing detect magic and detect invisible. There is little interest in joining these guilds, as few fancy the working conditions. Despite thier work and poverty, these guilds can be quite influential when the Masters get upset about something. They can quietly threaten to withhold guild services, or dump the dung in specified (embarrassing and inconvenient) areas, such as in front of a food market, festhall, or tavern. Wisely for all involved, the Masters use this power sparingly.

Fellowship of Bowers and Fletchers
HQ – The Citadel of the Arrow, Goods Ward
Rep – Corothan Skariel – Skariel Weaponry, Dock Ward
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

This guild’s members are predominantly young, and not overly concerned with cutthroat competition. There is enough demand for their wares to keep all members busy, and the guild has a respected inspection program that, in turn, guarantees that non-guild bowyers and fletchers will never command a substantial share of business. This guild has the exclusive contract to produce all the ranged weapons for the Shendenflarian millitary as well as provide ranged weapons for export to allied lands.

Fellowship of Carters and Coachmen
HQ – The Road House, Gate Ward, Riverhewn/ The Stable House- Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Jasril Malakar – Master Carter/ Jamkas Milner-Master Carter Sea Ward, Stormhaven

These guilds are an association for all citizens of the kingdom’s cities who own carts, wagons, coaches, litters, and winter sleighs and sledges, used in their business as a direct source of income. Most nobles and many wealthy individuals possess their own private coaches and litters, without being guild members. Woolmen and other merchants who use their own wagons to carry their own goods, but do not as a rule rent them out for the use of others, also need not be guild members. The government strictly forbids any efforts to restrict ownership of such conveyances within the city to members of this guild (only). In recent years, guild members have stopped trying to get a legal monopoly; they are presently all much too busy trying to keep up with all the business of moving the goods and persons of Shendenflar’s cities and visitors hither and yon within those cities.
Most major caravan companies operating overland in the Northern and Central Flanaess have representatives in these guilds , but the lowliest carter has the same guild rights as these, which include freedom from search by the watch save by express orders of the Government. The House Guard, however, can search guild members wagons and persons at will.
The operations and jurisdiction of this guild do not extend over water. Harbor conveyances are in the province of the Watermen, another guild. The typical cheapest. carrying fare is 1 Crest for a ride in an open trotting-cart, holding up to two persons and pulled by one horse anywhere within the boundaries of the cities, for up to half an hour.

Fellowship of Innkeepers
HQ – Fellowship Hall, Goods Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Brathan Zilmer – Master of Hospitality
This guild serves both cities

This organization is one of the oldest of all the guilds of Shendenflar, and one of the most relaxed. Formed long ago as a means of protection (all the innkeepers together hiring a group of heavily-armed bodyguards that none of them could individually afford to stop drunken tavern-goers from returning to inns and getting into fights or destroying property, and to control noisy activity late at night), the guild now functions primarily as a means of sharing information. News of thieves, con-artists, brawlers, mages with urges to let off spells, and other problem patrons who are making the rounds from inn to inn is shared among members, speedily. The guild also arranges discount prices on ale, linens, laundering, and so on by placing orders in bulk for its members. Once every nine nights, the Fellowship Hall is opened by the Master as an inn—with dining and sleeping facilities—for members only, so that they can enjoy the comforts of an inn without being the hosts.

Fellowship of Salters, Packers and Joiners
HQ – Shippers’ Hall, Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ The Salt House-Port Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Baerlos Dunthar-Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ Adoven Tarmikos-Port Ward, Stormhaven

These guilds employ many young boys as runners, to keep it’s constantly-moving members in contact with each other and with the Masters at Shippers Hall In Riverhewn and The Salt House In Stormhaven. Salters, packers, and joiners are the professionals at preparing goods for shipping long distances. Their fees vary: So much per cargo, depending upon how much is to be packed (and how difficult the task is, measured in terms of the time it will necessarily take) and the cost of the packing materials. Joiners make shipping crates out of finished lumber after the salters (who employ brine, salt, and many other preservatives, to protect perishable goods such as meat or fish) and packers have wrapped (in cotton, canvas, hide, or even clay, baked hard) and prepared goods for travel. Guildmembers travel about the cities in response to orders sent in to Shipper’s Hall and the Salt House by various merchants, packing goods (especially delicate or perishable items) for travel out of Shendenflar,although much of their work is in the docks area of both cities. Almost everything carried on ships as well as by caravan, if not already in a barrel, does better crated than not. An hour’s crating by two Fellowship members might suffice to prepare the entire belongings of one adventurer for sea or land travel, in one readily-opened chest (for items used often) and three to five large crates, and would cost a total of 3 Crowns for the labor and materials. Members of this guild do not stack or carry crates they have finished, but go on to another job. A client must hire members of The Fellowship of Carters and Coachmen, or the Watermen, to move such items to the conveyance they will travel in. The guild maintains stocks of packing materials for it members as well.

Fishmongers’ Fellowship
HQ – Fisher Hall, Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ The Goldenseas Hall,Port Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Aybrauve Haltorel – Master Fishmonger,Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ Thoamros Silen-Port Ward, Stormhaven

These poor, friendly, informal Fellowships are run by a pair of retired fisherman, Aybra Maron, and Thoamros Silen , who buy fresh fish from fishermen docking in the cities harbors. Fresh fish, and Lake Quag’s famous eels coming from Riverhewn and everything else from Stormhaven.The fishermen themselves (including the large fleets owned by some noble families) are not members of this guild. Fishing boats that dock at Fisher Hall In Riverhewn or the Goldenseas Hall In Stormhaven to load or unload fish are exempted from the governemnt docking fee, and thus, many fishermen never tie up anywhere else in Shendenlfar’s harbors. The Master Fishmongers sort, ice, and send their catches to the stalls of various guild members by means of fish carts run by thier boys, all over both cities.The watch observes the progress of these carts closely to prevent theft of the fish from the boys.Guild members in Riverhewn can return spoiled, unsold wares at the end of the day for 1 Crest per bucket. Aybrauve sells these spoils to the Farmer-Grocers for fertilizer.

Guild of Apothecaries & Physicians
HQ – The House of Healing, Green Ward , Riverhewn
Rep – Unthril Zond – Master Physic
This guild serves both cities

This is one of the richest guilds in Shendenflar,They have repeatedly tried to have all non-member medical practitioners banned from practicing in Shendenflar, but the government has strenuously resisted these efforts. Despite the faults and politics of its members, the guild does provide high quality and comprehensive service. The House of Healing is within a three-story row house, and acts as a potion shop, emergency hospital and minor school for student physicians.

Guild of Butchers
HQ – The Butcher’s Guildhall, Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ The Butchers Hall-Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Breano Murtaid- Murtaid’s Meats, Goods Ward, Riverhewn/ Otitumal Loyalar-Loyalar’s Fine Meats,Port Ward, Stormhaven

These guilds represent Shendenflar’s butchers: Those who slaughter, and cut up for sale, all manner of livestock, from ankheg to yeti (cattle and hogs are more common and a strictly enforced law forbids the butchering of horses) Guild law ensures that meat is properly bled, hung, and smoked or seasoned in certain ways, so that it is as clean and in as good condition as possible, and without exception, the butchers who are in business in Shendenflar’s cities are guild members.The government forbids formal price-fixing by the guilds, but all meat is fairly expensive and similarly priced, being slightly cheaper in the docks areas and slightly more expensive in the wealthy neighborhoods.
Apprentice butchers pay no guild dues, but are direct employees of a member butcher. Most apprentices, seeing how profitable the business is, can’t wait to leave their poorly paid positions, pay the stiff entrance fee, and pass a rigorous examination of their skills by the Master Butcher.
These guilds also buy the occasional cargo of exotic meat (or slaughterable beasts) from ships,or caravans at bargain prices, reselling such goods among the guilds members at substantial savings to the individual butchers, who may pass the savings on to their customers if they wish, but are not bound to do so. Most butchers wisely offer real bargains on such occasions, earning the goodwill of their clientele, and encouraging them to sample and acquire new (and often expensive) tastes in meat.

Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters
HQ – House of Light, Goods Ward,Riverhewn
Ormbras Delzord – Master of the Flame
This guild serves both cities

This is the only guild in Shendenflar whose members are predominantly youths. Aside from the Master and 12 senior (adult male) members, nine of whom act as mobile protection squads for the younger members, all guild members are youngsters. By day, they all make candles (mostly of tallow) and repair lamps. By night, they run about the cities with glow pots,tongs, and reach-poles, lighting lamps for the cities (on contract, which provides the guild with its daily bread-and-butter money) and for private individuals, usually nobles. Guild members also sell candles, and, for a fee, will guide the way (or provide light for a traveler who knows the way) through the cities by night. Most such boys and girls return often to the House of Light (In Riverhewn) or to the Candle Hall (In Stormhaven) to give their monies to the Master or his Stormhaven Representative, for all know what a tempting target a lighter clinking with coins is to thieves, drunks, other youths, and ruffians. A fistful of coins wrapped in a shirt or other cloth makes a handy sap. All lighters are trained to use such an improvised weapon and cry the alarm if attacked.

Guild of Fine Carvers
HQ – House of the Fine Carvers, Green Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Dannath Lisosar – Second Master Carver – Patient Fingers Finework, Goods Ward
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

20 Master carvers and 45 apprentice carvers make up this guild, which aids its members in many ways. Notably, it procures shipments of fine carving wood from the Heartguard Forest and other exotic woods from places such as the Caliphate of Ekbir. It sells prentice pieces”(inferior or damaged work) to merchant captains and caravan operators, heading south, where some pieces will sell for their curiosity,others because of the type of wood used, and some as souviners of the North. The guild also arranges standard carving-tool sizes and qualities with the two smithing guilds, who make the chisels, knives, and gouges used by Carvers, and with the Jewelers’ Guild, source of the best fine sandpaper. The guild also arranges large jobs (such as all the benches for congregations in a new temple, or the paneling and relief-carving of an entire mansion or castle) by lining up the needed Master Carvers and giving them Prentice Carvers to learn on the job, at a price of 1 Crown per Prentice per day. Master Carvers earn 2 Crowns daily.This year has been good to the Guild of Fine Carvers. In recent years, cleverly-carved wooden toys made by guildmembers have gained greatly in popularity in Riverhewn as gifts, so much so that the guild now operates a toyshop in Goods Ward from which to sell their wares. With the creation of the new temple to Celestian in Gate Ward, nearly half of the Master Carvers and two-thirds of the Prentice Carvers are currently employed there adding decorative moldings and carvings suitable for the temple.

Guild of Glassblowers, Glaziers and Speculum-makers
HQ – The House of Crystal, City Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Dallus Sigtrys – Speaker for the Guild – Glass and Glazing Shop, Goods Ward, Riverhewn
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

This guild is a small, highly professional organization. In Shendenflar, glass is not cheap. While a simple, stoppered flask may only cost 1 Crest, replacing a pane of glass runs
from 4 Crests for a four-inch-square pane up to 6 Crowns for a four-foot-square pane. Sets of bottles of uniform size, thickness, and hue are more expensive than“odd bottles.” The guild procures the finest sand (from certain beaches in the Caliphate of Ekbir as well as a secret area along the Selitan River outside of The Free City of Greyhawk) for the use of its members in making glass, and provides emergency equipment and glass stocks for their use.
A guild member convicted of deliberately breaking glass in place not belonging to him in any building in Shendenflar, without permission of the owner, or hiring someone else to do so (such as gangs of street urchins armed with rocks), is fined by the Courts and expelled from the guild by the Master Specular. Such a miscreant can later be voted back into the guild by the membership, upon subsequent reapplication (and payment of another entrance fee).
For many years, this guild was involved in an acrimonious dispute with the Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors over which guild would make crystal balls—a dispute that still causes grumbling long after the governments ruling;anyone(includingGlassblowers) can create the crystal balls to the specifications by the client mages, but the balls enchantments can only be enspelled by individual, private mages working for themselves (not under hire by any guild,including the Watchful Order).
This guild also makes many spectacles and magnifying glasses, typically costing 5-10 Crowns each. Any full member of the guild has the skill to grind and polish a glass lens to a particular strength and focus.

Guild of Stoncutters, Masons, Potters & Tile-makers
HQ – Builder’s Hall, Gate Ward, Riverhewn/The Grandmason Hall-Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Buirholdan Skordar – Master Stoneworker , Gate Ward, Riverhewn/ Elfire Trannyth- Master Mason,Sea Ward, Stormhaven

These respected, busy guilds have over 200 members (most of whom employ three to twelve assistants), some of whom quarry stone, some of whom cut, dress, and lay stone, and some of whom make clay or earthenware vessels or tiles,and lay tiles. Constantly busy on the rooftops of Shendenflar cities, where tiles are slowly replacing thatch (which rots too quickly) and boards (which too easily catch fire when sealed with pitch, and too readily leak water inside, and rot, when not), members of this guild also build most of the cities new buildings. The government has placed restrictions on dwelling-places newly built entirely of timber, and such structures cannot exceed one story with a loft. Most buildings in Riverhewn are now multistory, as the city has filled in almost all of the available space within the walls, and is now expanding upward. Stone is cut and hauled from the Lake coast crags South of Riverhewn and the rocky granite cliffs North of Stormhaven, and brought by ship from Perrenland. Demolition of an existing structure on the same site is free if the guild member is allowed to keep what he can salvage of the stone. Repairs to, or building onto, an existing structure costs 10 Crowns per guild member per day, plus 10 Crowns expenses (lunches) per day, plus material costs (3 crests a block; and up to 25 Crowns per block for marble, obsidian, or other “finestone” that requires a smooth polish and is much more expensive to import), plus 3 Crowns per day per assistant. Most such crews include five to eight assistants.

Guild of Trusted Pewterers and Casters
HQ – Pewterers and Casters Guild Hall, City Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Baerhar Surtlan – Voice of the Guild – Surtlan’s Metalwares, Goods Ward, Riverhewn
This guild serves both cities

This is a large guild whose members, cast (rather than forge) items from metal. The guild livery depicts their two most popular products: a tankard and a bell. Bowls and hooks are probably the next most produced items.The guild buys the raw materials, and mixes a basic white metal mixture which it sells to its members cheaply (1 Crest for a foot-long, three-inch-high and wide bar) as the basis for such castings, but members like to add their own secret ingredients” to make their products superior. The trusted” in the guild title refers to the fact that guild members will melt things down for recasting without query or comment. Precious metals are rarely handled by this guild; gold- and silver-work are the purview of the Jewelers’ Guild and the Splendid Order of Armorers& Finesmiths

Guild of Watermen
HQ – Watermen’s Hall, Dock Ward,Riverhewn/ The Pilot Hall- Port Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Jaster Thul – Guild Spokesman , Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ Yendak Urthadar-Master Waterman, Port Ward, Stormhaven

These guilds are some of the busiest and most important in the Kingdom. Their members keep the harbors clear of all litter (discarded crates, discarded seaweed from fishing nets, discarded bodies, etc.), run myriad small skiffs and ferries about the harbors and up and down the lakeshore of Riverhewn and the seashore of Stormhaven (for hire), and load and unload almost all of the ships that dock in Shendenflar’s busy harbors. This last mentioned work is done for a standard fee of 1 Prince per man per hour, doubled if the cargo is dangerous. Watermen are allowed to keep found items from harbor floating debris; they can also keep unclaimed cargo after seven months, following a legal announcement of the cargos discovery, unless the owner identifies it to the satisfaction of the courts. Watermen do not pilot large boats into or out of the harbor, but do work the clock around, loading and unloading vessels, and ferrying people to and fro, collecting their fees constantly as they work. All Watermen know the currents, depths, and backwaters of the harbors well and the locations of various sewer effluents in both harbors.

Jewelers’ Guild
HQ – The House of Gems, City Ward,Riverhewn
Rep -Dyward Talus – Gentleman Speaker for the Jewelers -Talus Jewels, City Ward, Riverhewn
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

The members of this small, tightly-knit and secretive guild are wallowing in money. They all have bodyguards (the government limits such private forces of non-nobles to 6 armed men at most, as they do to all guild members and other merchants resident in the kingdom) and take elaborate security precautions, hiring powerful mages to devise traps to protect their gold and their gems. They also hire mercenary groups and adventurers privately, to bring them precious cargoes of uncut gems (sometimes stolen from the South) from afar, and are closely watched by the Golden Shadow thieves At least two powerful guild members are agents of the Golden Shadow thieves. This guild conducts quiet but relentless vendettas against suspected gem thieves in Waterdeep. Members of this guild will, however, buy and sell—with no questions asked—gems (cut or uncut), jewelry, and precious metals, fine chain, and wire used in their work. They also cut, polish, and mount gems, repair or reset jewelry, and appraise jewelry for other merchants.

Launderers’ Guild
HQ – The House of Cleanliness, Goods Ward,Riverhewn
Rep – Ulraen Caulbor – Soap Master
This guild serves both cities

Members of this guild are an overworked, underpaid lot, who labor around the clock (most are family businesses, with the family members working in shifts) to wash the dirty garments of the residents of Shendenflar’s cities, in open-topped tubs full of boiling water and scented soap, and usually stirred with long poles. Everyone buys his or her own scent,but the guild provides various soaps for its members at cheap rates (1 Crown per 10-gallon barrel).
A launderer never guarantees that your garment will survive cleaning, and Shendenflarians do not expect perfection (nobles usually have their own servants launder difficult or delicate garments, and buy new garments for themselves often). Washing can be done while you wait (2 Princes per garment; it is put back on wet, and dries on the body), or overnight (1 Prince per garment). Most launderers have numbered bins (with wooden tags) as a clothes-filing system; no tag, no laundry unless you pay 2 Crowns or more for a new tag and your garments. Unless a launderer remembers you, there is also a wait of three or four days in case you are mistaken and someone else comes with the tag to claim the same clothes. All cleaning must be paid for when the clothes are left, not when they are picked up; this is due to nobles who refused to pay for cleaning, every time, on the grounds that it was not satisfactory. The Courts grew tired of the constant disputes and established this rule.
A favorite trick of mercenaries coming into the cities used to be to find some drunken patron in a tavern about their size, follow him and beat him up, take his tag and money, and promptly claim his clothes for their own. This practice was one of the reasons that the watch escorts many tavern-goers home, but the watch can do nothing about those who wager their laundry tags in card, dart, or dice games when all their money is gone

League of Basketmakers and Wickerworkers
HQ – The League Office, Goods Ward,Riverhewn/ The Basket Hall-Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Felthauvin Mirrarmul – Master Worker ,Goods Ward, Riverhewn/ Oloian Gellantara-Sea Ward, Stormhaven

These guilds have many members all around both cities (as basketmaking can be carried on with ease in private dwellings, above the shops). Their Masters, make a tidy living providing guild members with supplies for their work: trimmed and bundled rushes and willow-wands. Master Felthauvin is a major landlord in Riverhewn, and has become personally influential as a result (thus able to deal as an equal with many far wealthier and more essential guilds), and able to bankroll his guild in difficult times. The guilds have many young boys who run the bundles up stairways and alleys, and, as a result, know who lives where in Riverhewn and Stormhaven better than any other person in the cities except a member of the watch.

League of Skinners and Tanners
HQ – League Hall, Dock Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Ilimar Chantreth – League Spokesman
This guild serves both cities

This guild represents those who skin each animal slaughtered by a butcher. Usually the animal is sold to the butcher, and the skinner pays the butcher 3-10 Princes per skin, depending on its size and condition. Rare types of skins, or skins in rare hues, may cost a skinner up to 1 Crown. The tanners then process the hides to produce leather, suede, vellum, and similar byproducts, which they sell to other guilds for the making of clothing, footwear, aprons, pouches,leather armor, and the like. Traditionally, this guild has made belts, scabbards, baldrics, straps, and suspenders itself. Other guilds consider the wares of this guild to be somewhat overpriced, but everyone needs their goods, and no independents have found it economical to continue operating outside the guild, so nothing is done to correct the situation (nor is it extreme enough to demand the government’s interference).

Loyal Order of Street Laborers
HQ – The Streets Office of the Loal Order, City Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Aleyne Thian – Voice of the Streets , City Ward, Riverhewn
This guild serves both cities

The Loyal Order of Street Laborers was formed not by trade but by necessity and a mandate from the government. Answering an outcry to aid the constant cart and foot traffic of the cities , the King worked with the guild masters (and later, the full guild memberships) of the Cellarers and Plumbers Guild and the Guild of Stonecutters, Masons, Potters, & Tile-Makers, collecting over 200 craftsmen from both guilds and forming a guild for the express purpose of paving the major streets and avenues of the cities and repairing any damage to said paving. While in seeming contradiction to the customs of noninterference by the government and disavowing a guild whose interest overlapped another guild, this guild was created to prevent a war between the two guilds, whose interests overlapped here, and to prevent either guild from making huge profits off of a necessary demand by the King. The two original guilds now have no control over the street construction or repair; they have to act through the Loyal Order if they need a paved street torn up in the course of their work.
Members of the Loyal Order are among the busiest workers in the cities, with full members cutting, dressing, and laying stones for streets (whether smooth-paved or cobblestone) and apprentices handling traffic detours, mortar mixing, the hauling of stones, and the leveling of streets during repairs or construction. Apprentices also handle the construction of corduroy roads under the supervision of a member Street Laborer; while the paved roads are sponsored by the King and fees collected from the nobles and the guilds, the corduroy roads (logs fitted cross-wise) are privately funded by nobles, businesses and merchants.
The hard work of this guild has paid off in the gratitude of the citizens (whose travel is now increased in speed and efficiency and cleanliness) and in money: Fees are 12 Princes/day per apprentice and 3 Crowns/day per member, in addition to the cost of materials and 10 gold pieces for food and drink expenses. Work crews tend to have 10 to 12 members and an equal number of apprentices on paved road construction, two members and 10 to 12 apprentices on corduroy road construction, or two members and three apprentices on basic road repairs (either type). Road materials are provided by the Guild of Stonecutters (quarried stone and rubble) and representatives of the logging camps in the Burneal and Heartguard forests, (timber for corduroy roads); the cost of the stone is undercut by the Kings backing, reducing the Loyal Order’s cost to 3 Crowns per block

Master Mariners’ Guild
HQ – Mariners’ Hall, Dock Ward,Riverhewn/ The Sailors House-Port Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Jheldarr “Stormruner” Boaldegg – First Mariner-Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ Jamlamin Dryadson-Master Mariner-Sea Ward, Stormhaven
These guilds consist of all ship captains and merchant fleet owners who are based in, or who often put into, Shendenflar’s harbors. They represent their interests before the Government, provide them with piloting training into and around Rivehewn and Stormhaven harbors, and maintain “free” docks in both cities, (that is, the guild pays all docking fees) with room for three vessels to load or unload from the guild warehouses, among other services for its members.

Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers
HQ – Metalmasters’ Hall, Gate Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Hawkun Orsund – Master Hammer -Gate Ward, Riverhewn
This guild serves both cities

This guild represents the everyday blacksmiths who shoehorses and fashion such items as lamps, torch- and signbrackets, gratings and barred window frames, fire-shields and other hearthware, and chains. They also make the simpler weapons, such as maces, hammers, and flails. The everyday pieces of metalwork, from needles and spikes to bootjacks, kitchen hooks, latches and hinges, to candlesticks, are the bread-and-butter work of this guild, whose members are always busy and who prosper steadily. This guild provides its members with cheap, readily-available supplies of raw metals, brought by the shipload from Perrenland and by caravan from other countries, and makes, stocks, and inspects smithy tools for the convenience of its members, who may rent or buy such from the guild. For the unknowing, here is a point of etiquette: Never touch a smith’s tools except by his leave, and state your requirements as requests, not demands, or you’ll probably be told bluntly to take your business elsewhere.
Members of this guild take pride in working quickly, in designing things with efficient elegance, and in reproducing replacements to exactly match an original.

Most Diligent League of Sail-makers and Cordwainers
HQ – Full Sails Tavern, Dock Ward,Riverhewn/ The Sail Hall- Port Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Jelhuld Alaer – Sailmaster, Dock Ward, Riverhewn/ Marneiros Urthadar-Master Sailmaker Port Ward, Stormhaven

It is these guilds, rather than the Master Mariners Guild, that provide the vast amount of rope and sail needed by the ships of Shendenflar. The guild takes pride in producing heavy-duty, long-lasting goods, but their wares are not cheap: 10 Princes for a 100’ coil of heavy sail rope, anywhere from 500 Crowns to 1000 Crowns for a sail, depending on the size and whether it’s a standard size or must be custom made. A full set of sails for a merchant ship, including spares, will run 2000-4000 Crowns. Non-guild sailmakers usually sell for half these prices, but will not guarantee the goods.

Most Excellent Order of Weavers and Dyers
HQ – The House of Textiles, Goods Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Mellor Rhagust – Speaker of the Order-Goods Ward, Riverhewn
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

This guild is rich and busy and offends few. Its wares are reasonably priced and its dyes good they bleed and stain little, and fade only slowly. Guild members will gladly dye garments to order, although patterns and devices must not mock, closely resemble, or duplicate the heraldic devices of the Kingdom, King, or nobles this point is strictly obeyed by the guild. Guilds, nobles, and others with a clear legal right to such designs may, of course, order work bearing them from this guild, a process involving a written request bearing as witness a member of the Courts signature.
The Order has over 500 members, most human, and over half female. Its current master is head of the noble family Rhagust, and she takes care that members avoid controversy, shady dealings, and large expenses, all of which makes this guild of little interest to adventurers.

Order of Cobblers & Corvisers
HQ – Cobblers’ & Corvisers’ House, Gate Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Darion Sulmest, Sulmest’s Splendid Shoes & Boots, Goods Ward,Riverhewn
This guild serves both cities

This guild is a quiet, always busy, wealthy lot, who make and repair shoes, boots, and all forms of footwear, including thick-soled wooden clogs for use in rain and snow. This is not a profession for the lazy, the inhabitants of Shendenflar’s cities keep members of this guild working hard.
Most apprentices, however, watching the money-roll in and reflecting on their dues (apprentices pay more than members), cannot wait to become full members, although the government tries to keep active membership in the guild down to 100 persons. By guild law, each member can have up to nine apprentices.
Guild dues are among the other things used to place large orders each fall (when herd animals that cannot be fed over the winter are slaughtered) with the League of Skinners & Tanners for basic, dark brown, heavy-duty finished leather for use in the making of footwear by the guild. These annual orders are for tons of leather, are carefully guarded by both guilds, and the Order gets their leather at a bargain price in return for providing the League coffers with a regular, large sum to tide League members over each winter.
Members of the Order are known to be either hoarders (vast amounts of treasure secured somewhere in the city) or investors, with their money in dozens of businesses or properties.

Order of Master Shipwrights
HQ – Shipwright’s House, Dock Ward,Riverhewn
Rep – Zabardan Barpar – Speaker for the Shipwrights-Dock Ward, Riverhewn
This guild serves both cities

This guild collectively owns the construction sheds and dry-docks of Shendenflar where ships are built. this guild is relativley new and constantly busy building merchant ships and recently warships for export to Furyondy.The Order does a steady trade as well in producing and repairing the merchant cogs and caravels that ply the coastal waters of The Dramidj Ocean and the depths of Lake Quag. The merchants of Perrenland who own their own ships, to bring their metals to Riverhewn, prefer the broadbeamed, massive cogs of Shendenflars shipwrights over all other vessels for bringing their cargos safely through storms and with overly heavy loads to dock in Riverhewn. The base price for a new caravel is 6,000 Crowns; a fast caravel,” a light, slim ship larger than its similar cousin and able to carry more sail (and thus run faster) is 9,000 Crowns. A cog, a shorter, broader, wallowing, slower and less elegant cargo ship, is 5,000 Crowns. A heavy cog mentioned above is larger, can carry more sail, and has a reinforced hull (can break through thin ice and thus sail in the North a week or so before and after less sturdy ships, each winter) is 7,000 Crowns. Unless such ships are heavily damaged or very old, they bring a used price of only 1,000 to 1,500 less. Guild members sometimes salvage or refurbish old wrecks to make additional cash with relative ease and speed.

Order of Master Taylors, Glovers and Mercers
HQ – Costumers’ Hall, Goods Ward,Riverhewn
Rep – Alurra Tarbrossen – Lady Master of the Order-Goods Ward,Riverhewn
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

This busy guild has over 200 members, who import cloth and other supplies (such as thread), and use much of what other Shendenflarian guilds make (such as leather, textiles, carved and cast buttons, and needles) to make literally tons of clothing, of all sizes and fashions, from high-society ladies party masks to the leather breeches of a smith. Every guild member has a personal specialty (such as gloves or gowns), and prices, speed of work, and durability vary widely. The guild serves mainly to save its members money by importing needed supplies in bulk.

Saddlers’ & Harness Makers’ Guild
HQ – Saddlers’ & Harness-Makers’ Hall, Gate Ward, Riverhewn/ The Saddle Hall- Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Deljassa Rammathor – Guildmistress High-Gate Ward, Riverhewn/ Jamros Wyvernjack-Sea Ward, Stormhaven

These wealthy, busy guilds make and repair most of the saddles and tack used in the kingsom’s cities. Almost every member of these guilds are also owners of horses and wagons or carts. This guild mainly exsists to provide discounted prices on leather and metal for it’s members and to provide quality monitoring. The Riverhewn guild also has a contract with the government to provide saddles and tack for the Watch and the House Guard.

Scriveners’, Scribes’ & Clerks’ Guild
HQ – The Ink House, Goods Ward,Riverhewn/ The Quill Hall- Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Dablor Zimmulstern – Guild Master Goods Ward, Riverhewn/ Eldak Pegason- Pegason Scribes, Port Ward, Stormhaven

These guilds are made up of highly educated, professional men and women who letter signs, draw pictures (sometimes in front of a party audience, upon a nobles hiring), compose and write letters, take dictation, design ornamental scripts, draw up legal tallies, and set down records, contracts, and accounts. Many guild members will even forge or counterfeit documents; these cost some very stiff fees; hundreds of gold pieces per document since the penalties are so severe: Expulsion from the Guilds and the kingdom for very serious cases, with amputation of fingers and thumbs added if the forgery is treasonous or inflammatory.
The Courts retain guild members at all times to transcribe a record of all said before them, and retains one scribe for each Judge (for the same task). The watch also employs guild members to draw likenesses of fugitives described by witnesses, so that watch officers can carrythese sketches when on patrol.

Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers & Woolmen
HQ – Guild Hall, Gate Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Shalrin Meraedos – Gentleman Keeper of the Order, Meraedos Fine Furs, Green Ward, Riverhewn
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

This guild is rich, long established, and incredibly tightfisted, becoming even more so as the guild master and the members grow older. Its members, all of old families, attempt to control all trade in their field that enters Shendenflar by ruthlessly outbidding independents. Sabotage (such as mysterious warehouse fires or even highway banditry) is not unknown. The current Master, Thoss Bhalein, was elected from the guild ranks by the Orders members upon the death of his predecessor some 40 years ago, and he has let no one join the Order since he took office. He shows no sign of changing his views, even encouraging wealthy members of the Order to buy out weaker fellow members, to tighten the Orders control; in his 40 years as Master, Thoss has seen the order shrink by 25% (now having only 40 current members) but its controlled revenues have risen by 40%. Thoss will be master for life (unless he resigns his post, an almost unheard-of event; dying, bedridden Masters have often clung to their titles for years after real power has passed from their hands), and is presently 71 years old, but in remarkably good health. This Order is one of the most conservative in Waterdeep, and looks upon adventurers (and young, entrepreneurial merchants in any field) as dangerous, reckless brigands who, by their actions, threaten not only the good name of merchants everywhere, but the very stability of society.
The “Recognized” of the guilds title refers to the proud assertion that no member of the Order deals in secondhand, doctored, or stolen wares, but is above reproach. This is largely true, but is a claim occasionally rendered a myth by certain unscrupulous guild members.

Splendid Order of Armourers, Locksmiths and Finesmiths
HQ – The Metal House of Wonders, Dock Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Hallthor Duzmund – Master Smith, Dock Ward, Riverhewn
This guild serves both cities

This guild represents the most skilled smiths: Those able to craft weapons, shields, and armor superbly matched to the wielder and of lasting quality; the finest quality” that mages enchanting weapons seek to find. Guild members can command the highest prices for their work, particularly for personalized weapons for adventurers and custom-designed locks and strong-doors for the vaults of merchants and nobles. Guild members also design and make ornaments of lasting beauty from wire and sculpted metal, such as the fantastic masks worn by many noble ladies of Shendenflar; metal birds that will flap their wings and trill if the hollow tails are blown through, as toys for the children of the rich; and elaborate party costumes of metal plates that can make the wearer appear to be a monster, for party or stage wear. Members of this guild also fashion signet rings and stamps for the guilds, noble families, and the King.
Each guild member trains his or her apprentices for many years. Acquiring such skills is a full-time profession that does not allow adventurers to dabble and acquire skills thereby.

Stablemasters’ & Farriers Guild
HQ – The Guild Paddock, Goods Ward, Riverhewn/ The Stable House- Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Belihands Masker – Senior Master, Goods Ward, Riverhewn/ Marroar Droverson-Stablemaster, Droverson Supply, Port Ward, Stormhaven

These guilds represent all who breed, train, capture, tame, house, and tend horses and other riding animals, including aerial steeds (but not aquatic creatures, lizards, or great cats), and sets standards for such care. The guild also provides its members with veterinary aid, and cheap rates on feed by buying in bulk. The guilds maintain a registry of pedigrees and brands to discourage theft and aid the watch in tracing animals if they are stolen.

Stationers’ Guild
HQ – Stationers’ Hall, Goods Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Azoulin Wolfwind – Master Stationer Goods Ward ,Riverhewn
This guild has no counterpart in Stormhaven

This guild consists of those artisans who make both parchment paper and the cheaper rough-finished variety of paper used in Shendenflar for most writing. The guild also produces its own ink, blotters, colored waxes for seals, gilt ink for use in illuminating documents, metal pen nibs, and the like. It also produces fine quill pens. All guild members have their own secret recipes for preparing special paper, but the guild does supply its members with fine parchment (made in Stationers Hall) and the other products of their trade, at a discount.

The Cartographers & Surveyors Guild
HQ – The Map House, City Ward, Riverhewn/ The Chart Hall,Port Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Robbin Ravells – Speaker for the Guild, Ravells Maps & More,Goods Ward, Riverhewn/ Jaxilon Gidde-Jaxilon’s Rare Maps, Sea Ward Stormhaven

Members of these guilds design buildings and draw the required blueprints for all new buildings in Shendenflar’s cities, and all renovations which change the height of a building or add to its outside extent. This guild also does all the necessary surveying in the cities, except for private building sites and road construction and repair sites.
The Riverhewn guild maintains, at the Map House, a large and evergrowing collection of maps and nautical charts, which they will purchase from any who offer good specimens to them (at 1-5 Crowns each). The guild sells copies of maps from this collection, typically at 25 Crowns each, delivery to any Riverhewn address in nine days included. Rush jobs (two days) cost double.
The First Chartist and the Speaker know the collection thoroughly, and also know charts and maps. They will pay more than the usual range for things they really need, but will refuse maps they know to be fanciful, wrong, or merely treasure maps with no details of the physical vicinity.

Vintners’, Distillers’, & Brewers’ Guild
HQ – The House of Good Spirits, Green Ward,Riverhewn
Rep – Razaar Slissin – Guild Master, Green Ward, Riverhewn

This guild serves both cities

This guild has only 44 members, but it produces a prodigious amount of drink for Shendenflarians and for export. Guild members annually turn out thousands upon thousands of barrels of wine, beer, and various liquors.This is a difficult guild to join; years of apprenticeship to a member are necessary (or outstanding credentials in other brewing guilds around the Flanaess). The Master is careful to keep the membership low so competition will not hurt guild members.
Wagonmakers’ and Coach Builders’ Guild
HQ – The Coach & Wagon Hall, Gate Ward, Riverhewn/ The Cart House, Sea Ward, Stormhaven
Rep – Sarjak Belszour – Guild Master, Gate Ward, Riverhewn/ Waltiln Urthadar -Guildmaster, Sea Ward, Stormhaven
These guilds build and repair coaches, wagons, and other conveyances for overland trade and travel (including, for extra fees, conveyances with an amazing variety of secret hiding places for use in smuggling and outwitting bandits). The skill involved in making durable, beautiful wagons is considerable, and years of apprenticeship are necessary. Conveyances produced by the guilds are elegant and sturdy, lasting through quite a bit of abuse. Prices vary widely with the different types and sizes of conveyances. Custom-made wagons take two weeks to build. Wagons assembled from stock parts on hand can be finished in two days.
Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors
HQ – Tower of the Order, City Ward, Riverhewn
Rep – Orlar Thammas – Speaker for the Order, City Ward, Riverhewn
This guild serves both cities
This guild protects the less-powerful wizards and novices at the use of magic, and attempts to influence the powerful independents to be prudent and conservative, weilding magic little in public, so mages will be respected and looked up to, not feared and actively opposed. Guild activities have little effect on the more powerful non-member wizards of Shendenflar, who do as they like anyway. Members benefits include:
Members can readily communicate with fellow members to arrange training and buy magical information with assurances they are not dealing with charlatans
Members can readily purchase rare magical components from the golem-guarded cellars of the Order. It’s not cheap, but it does save valuable time.
Members can purchase magical items and scrolls here, at expensive prices, and may also have magic items recharged for a fee.
Members short of ready cash can earn money by serving as fire guards, spell guards or firefighters.
The Tower of the Order is a three-story (four levels counting the cellars) stone tower surrounded by a fence of sparkling green lights that coalesce into the symbols of Boccob. There is a mosaic of the symbol of Boccob above the tower door.

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