Riverhewn Star of the North

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The City of Riverhewn is the capital of the Kingdom of Shendenflar. It is the largest city in the Kingdom with a population of approximately 75,000. It is a walled city that sits on the banks of the Fler river and Lake Quag. Known also as the “First City” it was the first home to settlers from the Great Kingdom. it was used primarily as a “base camp” for many years as the whole of Shendenflar was a great hunting preserve. Over time it became more and more populated as citizens of the Great Kingdom came north to escape the tumult of the Overking. The area of the city known as “Old City” was gradually expanded West and North until the city filled the island of land that it now sits on.

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City Wards

The city is divided into seven wards as detailed below

City(Old)Ward City Ward Map
The City or “Old” ward is the oldest part of Riverhewn. It was the first part of the city settled and as such is home to many of the Kingdoms’ oldest familes. It is also the only walled ward in the city. Many of the citys’ temple complexes are in City Ward as well as a few of the oldest guild houses. It is an area of stately houses and gardens. There are only a few inns and taverns in this ward. The city watch maintains a strong presence in this ward and is not very tolerant of criminal behavior.

Dock Ward Dock Ward Map
Dock Ward is the home to Riverhewns’ shipping. A massive dock complex houses shipbuilding facilities as well as warehouses and packing houses. It is also the most crowded of the wards and as such is a busy and often times chaotic place. Several guild houses call Dock Ward home as well as the majority of the taverns and fest-halls of the city. As in most dock areas this ward is crowded and oft times dangerous especially at night. The City Watch maintains a presence here but is hard pressed to maintain order at all times.

Goods Ward

This ward as its name implies is home to much of the commerce of Riverhewn. The guild houses that do not have headquarters elsewhere are found here. The majority of the cities shops are also found in this ward. Most shops are on first floors with living quarters for the shop owner and family above.This ward is quite busy but quite safe due to the large number of City Watchmen that patrol at all hours of the day and night. Also guild houses often employ private guards to watch over the prominent members of the guilds. These private guards work with the City Watch for the most part and crime is well controlled in this ward.

Green Ward

The name of this ward is a bit of a misnomer as at one time most of the roofs of this ward were made from a greenish slate. This slate had been found along the banks of the Fler and Lordsrun rivers. While very pretty to look at the slate turned out to be very weak and porous causing the roofs to leak and in several cases to collapse. This caused most of the buildings that were roofed in this material to be re-roofed in something more durable (like common gray slate) The reason the ward continues to be known as the “Green” Ward is the large number of moneylenders that call the ward home. Money-lending is a booming business in Riverhewn as farmers need loans for various things and businesses are constantly opening (and closing) in and out of the city. Because of this trade, crime is almost non-existent in this ward and there are a large number of private guards that work for the money lenders. One of the city’s finest inns the “Silver Rose” is located in this ward it is rumored to be owned by Colan Winterblade Lord Counselor to King Simeon Baras.

River Ward

River Ward is so named because of it’s proximity to the Lordsrun River one of the two rivers that create the island that Riverhewn is built upon. This ward is home to many of the cities more wealthy residents. Those who have money but not a “name” often build large sometimes gaudy estates here.There is a constant show of “oneupmanship” going on in this ward as one rich merchant or another builds larger or higher than another. All of this very visible show of wealth is seen as distasteful by the “old money” residents of City Ward but seen as very tempting by thieves in the city. The City Watch spends a good deal of time in this ward especially at night where break-ins are somewhat common. Most of the wealthy inhabitants of this ward employ private guards to protect their belongings and property but often these guards are either thieves guild plants or corrupted by that guild. There are several new temple complexes being built in this ward as well as several over priced inns and taverns.

Common Ward

This ward is home to Riverhewn’s working class. It is crowded and noisy but also friendly and a great place to learn the true spirit of the city. Houses here tend to be of the row variety with some stretching for blocks and reaching four stories high. The City Watch is a constant presence here as most watch members make their homes in this ward.There are many “local” taverns that serve good food and drink at reasonable prices. These are usually filled at night with residents washing away the taste of another hard days work. There are also a few humble temples dedicated to gods of the common man in this ward.

Gate Ward

Gate Ward is the newest section of the city and as such is the least built-up. As this ward encompasses the newly constructed “River Gate” it is given over to transportation with large stable and warehousing facilities. There are also several inns and taverns being built in this ward to take advantage of caravans both entering and exiting the city.

Garden Of Kings

This is not technically a ward of the city. The Garden of Kings is the final resting place of Shendenflar’s rulers and their families. It sits behind it’s own wall and is guarded at all times. No one but relatives of past kings may enter here. It is a beautiful and serene place filled with trees and ornamental gardens. All of the kings of Shendenflar have been buried here. Their tombs are all underground with the crypt complex stretching for nearly a mile. Great treasure is rumored to be buried here along with the kings but thanks to the diligence of the City Watchmen who are stationed here those rumors have never been substantiated.

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