Religion in the Kingdom

Temple of heroninus

Shendenflar is not an overly zealous land. It’s people do of course worship as they choose and temples and shrines to all the Oerth gods can be found in the Kingdom. Worship of martial and protection dieties is on the rise due in large part ot the wars. Worship of dieites of trade and luck have always been strong in the cities. There is no “official” religion as the kings of Shendenflar have never been particuarly zealous. King Baras has been known to present offerings to Heironeous of late although the strict Lawful nature of the God of battle is not appealing to the king.

Evil Deities

King Baras has a very strict policy protecting the freedom of religion in Shendenflar. Because of this small temples and shrines to several Evil Dieities have been built in the Kingdom. The exception to this is Iuz, who the king deems an enemy of Shendenflar and in no way a god. Worship of evil dieites is acceptable as long as no sacrifice is made and no harm comes to any citizen of Shendenflar. Worship of Iuz is strictly forbidden and those caught in the act are arrested and often exiled from Shendenflar.

Beory, Oerth Mother: N greater goddess of the Oerth, nature, and rain
Boccob, the Uncaring: N greater god of magic, arcane knowledge, foresight, and balance
Incabulos, the Black Rider: NE greater god of plagues, sickness, famine, nightmares, drought, and disasters
Istus, Lady of Our Fate: N greater goddess of fate, destiny, divination, future, and honesty
Nerull, the Reaper: NE greater god of death, darkness, murder, and the Underworld
Pelor, the Sun Father: NG greater god of sun, light, strength, healing
Rao, the Mediator: LG greater god of peace, reason, and serenity


Celestian, the Far Wanderer: N intermediate gods of stars, space, and wanderers
Corellon Larethian, First of the Seldarine: CG intermediate god of elves, magic, music, art, crafts, and war
Ehlonna of the Forests: NG intermediate goddess of forests, woodlands, fertility, flora, and fauna
Erythnul, the Many: CE intemediate god of hate, envy, malice, panic, ugliness, and slaughter
Garl Glittergold, the Sparkling Wit: NG intermediate god of gnomes, protection, humor, wit, gemcutting,
jewelrymaking, and illusion
Gruumsh One-Eye: CE intermediate god of orcs, war, and territory
Fharlanghn, the Dweller on the Horizon: N intermediate god of horizons, distance, travel, and roads
Heironeous, the Invincible: LG intermediate god of chivalry, justice, honor, war, daring, and valor
Hextor, the Scourge of Battle: LE intermediate god of war, discord, massacres, conflict, fitness, and tyranny
Kord, the Brawler: CG intermediate god of athletics, sport, brawling, strength, and courage
Lendor, Prince of Time: LN intermediate god of time, tedium, patience, and study
Moradin, the Soul Forger: LG intermediate god of dwarves, smithing, engineering, creation, and war
Obad-hai, the Shalm: N intermediate god of nature, woodlands, freedom, hunting, and beasts
Olidammara, the Laughing Rogue: CN intermediate god of music, revels, wine, rogues, humor, and tricks
Procan, the Storm Lord: CN intermediate god of seas, sea life, salt, sea weather, and navigation
Ralishaz, the Unlooked For: CN intermediate god of chance, ill luck, misfortune, and insanity
Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel: LG intermediate god of common sense, wisdom, zeal, honesty, truth and discipline
Sehanine Moonbow, the Lady of Dreams: CG intermediate goddess of mysticism, dreams, far journeys, death, the
full moon, and transcendence
Tharizdun, the Dark God: NE intermediate god of eternal darkness, decay, entropy, malign knowledge, and insanity
Trithereon, the Summoner: CG intermediate god of individauality, liberty, retribution, and self-defense
Wee Jas, Ruby Sorceress: LN intermediate goddess of magic, death, vanity, and law
Yondalla, the Protector and Provider: LG intermediate goddess of halflings, protection, and family
Zilchus, the Great Guildmaster: LN intermediate god of power, prestige, money, business, and influence

Allitur: LG lesser god of ethics and propriety
Atroa, the Sea Maiden: LG lesser goddess of spring, east wind, and renewal
Beltar: CE lesser goddess of malice, caves, and pits
Berei, Hearth Mother: NG lesser goddess of home, family, and agriculture
Bleredd, the Iron Mule: N lesser god of metal, mines, and smiths
Bralm, the Hive Goddess: LN lesser goddess of insects and industriousness
Cyndor, Keeper of Infinity: LN lesser god of time, infinity, and continuity
Dalt: CG lesser god of portals, doors, enclosures, locks, and keys
Delleb, the Scribe: LG lesser god of reason, intellect, and study
Fortubo: LG lesser god of stone, metals, mountains, and guardianship
Geshtai, Daughter of the Oasis: N lesser goddess of lakes, rivers, wells, and streams
Jascar: LG lesser god of hills and mountains
Joramy, the Shrew: N lesser goddess of fire, volcanoes, wrath, anger, and quarrels
Kurell, the Bitter Hand: CN lesser god of jealousy, revenge, and theft
Lirr, Lady Poet: CG lesser goddess of poetry, prose, literature, and art
Llerg, Great Bear: CN lesser god of beasts and strength
Lydia: NG lesser goddess of music, knowledge, and daylight
Mouqol, the Merchant: N lesser god of trade, negotiation, ventures, appraisal, and reciprocity
Myrhiss, the Thrice-Kissed: NG lesser goddess of love, romance, and beauty
Norebo, God of Gambles: CN lesser god of luck, gambling, and risks
Osprem: LN lesser goddess of sea voyages, ships, and sailors
Phaulkon: CG lesser god of air, wind, clouds, birds, and archery
Phyton, the Woodshaper: CG lesser god of nature, beauty, and farming
Pyremius, Demon of Venom: NE lesser god of fire, poison, and murder
Raxivort, Master of Rats: CE lesser god of xvarts, rats, wererats, and bats
Sotillon, the Summer Queen: CG lesser goddess of summer, south wind, ease, and comfort
Syrul, the Forked Tongue: NE lesser goddess of lies deceit, treachery, and false promises
Telchur, Icebrother: CN lesser god of winter, cold, and north wind
Vatun, the North God: CN lesser god of northern barbarians, cold, winter, and arctic beasts
Vecna, the Whispered One: NE lesser god of destructive and evil secrets
Velnius, the Elder Breeze: N lesser god of sky and weather
Wenta, the Alewife: CG lesser goddess of autumn, west wind, harvest, and brewing
Xan Yae, Lady of Perfection: N lesser goddess of twilight, shadows, stealth, and mental powers
Xerbo, the Sea Dragon: N lesser god of the sea, sailing, money, and business
Zodal, the Gray Son: NG lesser god of mercy, hope, and benevolence

Al’Akbar, Restorer of Righteousness: LG demigod of guardianship, faithfulness, dignity, and duty
Iuz, the Old One: CE demigod of deceit, pain, oppression, and evil
Mayaheine, the Shield Maiden: CG demigoddess of protection, justice, and valor
Merikka, Lady of the Calendar: LG demigoddess of farming, agriculture, and home
Rudd, the Duelist: CN demigoddess of chance, good luck, and skill
Wastri, the Hopping Prophet: LE demigod of amphibians, bigotry, and self-deception
Ye’Cind, the Bard: CG demigod of music and magical song
Zagyg, the Mad Arch-Mage: CN demigod of humor, eccentricity, occult lore, and unpredictability
Zuoken, Master of Da’Shon and Edel: N demigod of physical and mental mastery

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Religion in the Kingdom

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