Historical Timeline Of The Kingdom


The Kingdom of Shendenflar is an old land. One formed during the first round of the break up of the Great Kingdom. Ferrond (now Furyondy) Keoland, Veluna, and Shendenflar were formed in quick succession. beginning in the year CY (common year) 100 1

Note the Current Year is CY 589

CY 50- The land that will eventually become Shendenflar is granted by the Overking to the Baras family for deeds performed in the service of the king. The entire area was used as a hunting preserve for the Baras family and the overking.

CY 64- The Baras family begins to move family members and staff to the newly named Shendenflar region. This is the precursor to the total exodus of the Baras family away from the Raxues area and the Overking.

CY 68- Riverhewn long a settlement built on the banks of the Fler river and the shores of Lake Quag is named the capital of the region of Shendenflar. Construction of a large governmental complex is started as the population increases.

CY 100- The Viceroyalty of Ferrond claims independence from the Great Kingdom and renames itself The Kingdom Of Furyondy. The Baras family now lives totally within the region of Shendenflar and meetings between King Thrommel of Furyondy and Talin Baras are commonplace.

CY 100-125 Veluna, Keoland, and Perrenland all claim independence from the Great Kingdom. The Baras family is instrumental in brokering the terms of these successions. The fire of independence is burning in Shendenflar.

CY 125-144 The Shendenflar region is now fully autonomus. Kadre Baras rules as “Governor” although it has been years since any tax or tribute has been paid to the Great Kingdom. An alliance of sorts has grown up between the “Northern Kingdoms” of Furyondy, Veluna, Perrenland and Shendenflar. It is at a confrence of delegates from these lands in CY 143 that Kadre Baras announces his decision to succeed from the Great Kingdom.

CY 144- Kadre Baras announces the formation of the Kingdom of Shendenflar and the installation of himself as her first king. The rulers of all the Northern Kingdom Alliance are in attendence.

CY 147- King Kadres’ reign is cut short after he is found dead in his chambers. An investigation reveals that he was assassinated by means of poison. The Scarlet Brotherhood is suspected as is the Overking. In a somber ceremony in the rainy fall of 147 15 year old Soros Baras is coronated in Riverhewn.

CY 148- The teenage king of Shendenflar is tested as Scarlet Brotherhood agents acting under orders from the Overking attempt to assassinate him four times during the course of the year. after the last failed attempt young king Soros becomes so enraged that he orders every suspected member of the Brotherhood in Shendenflar captured and hung. while a great many of the red robed monks did die within Shendenflar’s borders a unfortunate amount of innocents also perished due to Soros’s rage.

CY 150- The Overking tries in vain to recover his lost lands in the North with a multi faceted attack on Furyondy, Shendenflar, and Veluna at the same time. Although the Overkings force is mighty the combined forces of the three new kingdoms managed to drive back the invasions. King Soros of Shendenflar suggested a counterattack on the Great Kingdom,an idea that was immediately put down.

CY 172- After 25 years of rulership King Soros Baras is killed in a hunting accident at the age of 40. His rule although tumultuous saw Shendenflar grow powerful and prosperous. His body lay in state for 5 days while a seemingly endless procession of mourners passed by. His eldest son Kadre the second was coronated King after his fathers funeral.

CY 173-Current- The Baras family continued to lead the Kingdom Of Shendenflar wisely throughout the last 4 centuries. The current sovereign is King Simeon Baras the eighth member of the Baras family to carry that name. Simeon took the throne at age 35 after the death of his uncle Gired the 4th. Simeon’s father had been killed by a freak earthquake that struck Shendenflar. Simeon unlike most of his ancestors was a adventurous sort wandering the continent for nearly 20 years before returning home to assume the throne. Over these years he made extensive connections across the Flanaess. These connections would serve him well as the continent lunged towards war in the years 580-585. The Northern Alliance stood together to fight off the evil demi-god Iuz. Although Shendenflar was not directly attacked by the evil one her armies served valiantly in Furyondy and the Vesve forest. King Simeon became a trusted ally and good freind to King Belvor of Furyondy and the two met often during the war. It was with Shendenflar’s help that Belvor’s armies were able to break the siege of Chendl, Furyondy’s capital city. and in fact there are still Shendenflarian soldiers serving in foreign lands that are threatend by the evil Iuz.

1 There is some debate about the actual year that the breakup of the Great Kingdom began. Although most scholars use the widely accepted date of 100CY, there are history texts that place the formation of the Kingdom of Furyondy in the year 287CY. This discrepancy can be traced to differing calenders being used in the early years of the breakup. The Year 1CY is recognized to be the the year the Overking of the Great Kingdom declared “universal peace” in his domain and the creation of the now standard calender.

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Historical Timeline Of The Kingdom

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