Factions in the Kingdom

Shendenflar ,like most other nations has groups of individuals within it that seek to either harm or help it. Thieves guilds, secret societies, cults of evil gods, and etc. Some of these are detailed below.

The Golden Shadow Thieves Guild

This group of thieves has been a presence in Shendenflar’s cities for only a few years. Before their creation the thieves of Shendenflar tended to be more likely to employ violence and kidnapping for ransom was a common tactic of theirs. The new thieves are more organized and more subtle in their actions. The Golden Shadows make up the majority of the thieves acting in Shendenflar’s cities. Their exact number is unknown but it is rumored to be in the hundreds. For the most part the actions of this guild are subtle. No great robberies have taken place in Shendenflar for many years. The majority of the thefts in the cities are of houses and merchants with items being stolen in the dead of night or when the occupants of the building are not at home. This is not always the case as thieves claiming to be part of the Golden Shadows have attempted kidnappings and banditry just outside of the cities is on the rise.

The Seashadows Thieves Guild

Another group of thieves; this organization is located in Stormhaven. The chief focus of this group is hijacking cargo from the many ships that enter Stormhaven Harbor. The guild is well connected with the government officials that are in charge of the harbor and are usually alerted to valuable cargo entering Stormhaven. The general mode of operation for these thieves is to pose as “pilots” maneuvering out into the harbor in small boats and boarding the target vessel. After boarding, another small boat approaches the target vessel and subdues the crew. The vessel is then unloaded and the loot is secreted away. Most of this activity takes place either just inside the harbor or on the open sea. One side effect of this is that many of these hijackings are not even reported as the captains of the vessels merely turn around and return to where they came from. The guild is careful not to overuse this resource as they are well aware that if hijackings were a common occurrence no ships would make the trip to Stormhaven.

The Cult of the Blood Skulls

This group of Iuz cultists have been all but forgotten by the Old One. Placed in Riverhewn during the wars, their mission was to create as much chaos as possible and cause as much damage as they could. They were discovered and ultimately exposed by Colin Winterblade. Although the cult was for the most part destroyed a few die-hard loyalists survived to rebuild. The cult now has a membership of around 30. They know their leader is far too busy to communicate with them and bide their time until Iuz once again stretches his bony hand across the Flanaess. Their focus of late has been to consolidate their power. Most of the members are business owners and as such wield some influence in the Kingdom. Their meeting place is a obsessively guarded secret, known to only a few of the elder members. Their ultimate mission is unknown but is sure to include the destruction of the kingdom.

The Scarlett Brotherhood

The red-robed monks of the Scarlett Brotherhood have been a fixture in Shendenflar for hundreds of years. Although a purge by King Kadre Baras in CY 147 removed most of the secret sect, the Greyhawk Wars brought a new wave of the xenophobic and racist monks into the kingdom. No one is really sure of their number or where they meet. For their part the Brotherhood has been very careful to keep their presence a secret. Assassination and kidnappings are this sects bread and butter.

Factions in the Kingdom

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