Commerce In The Kingdom


Introduction to Economics in the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Shendenflar has a vibrant and prosperus economy. Even during the tumultous years of the wars with enormous aid payments to the Kingdoms Of Nyrond and Furyondy and the cost of maintaining a large standing army the nation managed to not sunder it’s treasury.

Currency In The Kingdom

Currency in Shendenflar is in the form of coins these coins are as follows

These coins follow the practices of most countries in the Flanaess and the standard AD+D conversions. A note should be made about Platinum and Electrum: These coins are used primarily as “sureties” or guarantees of Shendenflar’s overall worth. Meaning that a number of platinum and Electrum “blanks” are kept which represents the total worth of the kingdom. This of course fluctuates as the king “borrows” from this to pay for various things. it also doesn’t take into account the kings personal worth. Paper “notes” are becoming more widely used in Shendenflar these days as money lenders are nervous to keep large sums of coins on hand. These notes are usually only accepted in Shendenflar and then only in the cities where the Payee can reasonably expect to be able to convert the note into coin.

Exports Of The Kingdom

Shendenflar does not have a huge export economy mostly due to it’s far Northern location. The kingdom does do a brisk trade with the Northern Alliance Kingdoms and the Caliphate of Ekbir. It also exports a significant amount to other southern lands such as Furyondy and The Shield Lands as well as the Free Cities of Greyhawk and Dyvers. A list of exports follows:

Forest Products
Shendenflar exports fine wood products from both the Heartguard and Burneal forests. These are felled and milled in Shendenflar and the lumber exported. The Heartguard forest timber is overseen by the Heartguard Elves which strictly monitor how many trees are felled in their forest.

Because of the availability of so much fine wood, Shendenflarian furniture is widely coveted across the continent. it is one of the mainstays of the kingdom’s export economy.

Again due to the vast forests Shendenflar boasts well developed shipbuilding facilities. Although most naval kingdoms do build their own ships, the wars have seen an increase in the demand for well built warships. Furyondy is Shendenflar’s largest customer of these ships.

Beer and Wine
Shendenflar’s Vintners’ and Brewers are among the finest on the continent and the kingdom exports a large quantity of beer and wine along with a smaller quantity of distilled spirits all over the continent, with The Free Cities of Greyhawk and Dyvers being the largest customers.

Although certainly not a “bread basket” Kingdom, Shendenflar has of late increased it’s exports of food products. Mostly in the form of grain and meat. These products usually go south to Furyondy.

Although King Simeon Baras at one time prohibited the sale of weapons made in Shendenflar to any other nation, he has recently relaxed that ban. Furyondy is the largest recipient of Shendenflars’ excellent weapons as it desperately tries to rebuild after the wars.

Imports Of The Kingdom

Shendenflar is mostly self sufficient in terms of not needing to import large quantities of items. It does import the following:

Shendenflar does not have extensive mining capabilities. Because of this most of it’s metals are imported from Veluna and Perrenland.

Although Shendenflar exports food it also imports some food items that do not grow very well in the kingdom. Recently imports of exotic fruits and vegetables from the Caliphate of Ekbir have increased as Shendenflars’ citizens acquire a taste for them.


Shendenflar is a very easy land to move across. It boasts no mountain ranges and no large swampy areas. Because of this goods and people can move across the kingdom with ease. The changing seasons present some challenge as early winter and first thaw can see deep mud where roads once were. For the most part goods are moved by wagon overland and by boat on the rivers of the Kingdom. The Fler river is the North/South conduit for timber and grains. The road system in Shendenflar is very good and for the most part the roads are well maintained. The large ports of Riverhewn and Stormhaven both feature extensive dock facilities and can be used until the middle of winter when ice blocks both Lake Quag and the shoreline of the Dramidj Ocean.

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Commerce In The Kingdom

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