Climate Of The Kingdom


Overall Climate

The climate of Shendenflar can be called temperate. With Summer coming slightly later and Winter staying slightly longer than in Southern parts of the continent.


The calendar used by most residents of Shendenflar (and throughout the Flanaess) features weeks of seven days, each day dedicated to work, worship, or rest. They are:


The Kingdom of Shendenflar has the same seasons as the rest of the Flanaess and follows the same festival weeks for the most part.

Needfest (winter festival) also called “Deepwinter” in Shendenflar
Coldeven—Last Of Winter
Growfest (spring festival)
Planting—First of Spring
Flocktime—Low Summer
Wealsun—First of Summer
Richfest (midsummer festival)
Reaping—High Summer
Goodmonth—High Summer
Harvester—First of Autumn
Brewfest (autumn festival)
Ready’reat—First of Winter

Farming in the Kingdom

The entire kingdom can be considered “arable” land although the majority of crops in the kingdom are grown along a narrow belt that runs from the Southern end of the Heartguard Forest to the outskirts of the City Of Riverhewn. Grazing land is mostly directly outside of the cities and towns as huge herds of cattle are a rarity in Shendenflar with most farmers only growing what they need with a little extra to sell.

Crops of the Kingdom

Shendenflar’s soil is very fertile and drains quite well, making it suitable for any type of crop. Wheat and other grains are grown as well as vegetables. Rice and other “wet” crops are not grown in large amounts and are usually imported. Farms in Shendenflar can be classified in two types. The large co-operative farms that are usually seen outside the large cities and the smaller “family” farms that dot the kingdom. The co-op farms are usually owned by one or two wealthy farmers usually of one of the “first families” these farms provide the bulk of the food for the cities. Usually these large farms have grazing land and orchards as part of the farm to provide meat and fruit as well.
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Climate Of The Kingdom

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