Tomman Gilrean

Archmage Of Shendenflar


Archmage Tomman Gilrean is a formidable wizard. He was born in Veluna a nation known for producing mages of great skill. He also met King Simeon Baras during his adventuring days and the two became fast friends. He gladly accepted the chance to become Archmage of Shendenflar when Simeon extended the invitation right after taking the throne. Gilrean holds the distinction of being the first “official” Archmage of the kingdom. There have been other powerful wizards that have advised previous kings but none held an official title. Gilrean’s primary duties include advising the king on magical matters and on general policy. He is very intelligent and well traveled and has a extensive network of associates across the continent. His other primary duty is to develop the kingdom’s magical defenses. In this matter the king defers to his mage entirely and Gilrean has created several layers of magical defense in the case of attack. Perhaps not surprisingly Gilrean does not have any particular affection for Colin Winterblade although he is not aware of Winterblade’s true nature. The two are barely civil to each other when required to be in the same room and can often be heard trading venomous barbs. For his part, King Baras ignores the animosity of his two most trusted advisors and secretly finds it all somewhat amusing.

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Tomman Gilrean

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