Simeon Baras

His Royal Majesty King Of Shendenflar


Simeon Baras is the eighth king of Shendenflar to hold that name. He took the throne later in life than most Shendenflarian kings as he was an adventurer in his youth. Being the second son of his father,he had no direct line to the throne and was allowed to go out and make a name for himself in other pursuits. The death of his father and older brother in a earthquake that struck Shendenflar, placed his uncle Gired the Fourth on the throne. His adventuring career led him from one end of the Flanaess to the other along the way he made several life-long friendships that would serve him well after taking the throne. Simeon is a large man like most of his ancestors. Also like the other Baras men he loves the outdoors and the hunt. He is also very proud of the fact that his bloodline can be traced back all the way to Shendenflar’s very beginning. He is thoughtful and fair although not sentimental or swayed by emotion. He believes kings must make the hard choices to secure the future of their kingdoms. His time as an adventurer has tempered his hereditary zeal for justice. Not that he doesn’t believe in justice he just doesn’t mete it out himself as much as previous kings have done. Under his rule Shendenflar has developed a very good court system and Simeon is happy to let that system handle crime and punishment in the kingdom. Only the most heinous of crimes are seen by the king now. His adventuring life has also given Simeon a taste for luxury something the previous Baras kings had no use for. No dandy he is but his quarters show his years of spoils and are comfortable and elegant as is his throne room. Like most of his ancestors Simeon does not rely heavily on advisers for his decisions. There is a small group of trusted friends that he will talk with when a difficult decision must be made, but for the most part he relies on and trusts his ability to make decisions well and justly. He is also more of a “man of the people” than his predecessors, as he often can be seen walking through the streets of the capital city of Riverhewn, talking with citizens. This draws the displeasure of his Guards-Captain who is tasked with the kings protection but Simeon pays him little heed. Overall Simeon Baras is an excellent king and has brought Shendenflar through an extremely difficult time relatively unharmed. He is in excellent health and will continue to rule the kingdom wisely for years to come.


Simeon Baras

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