Panril Droverson

Senior Swordmaster of The Riverhewn City Watch


Panril Droverson is a quiet, rugged man who has seen much fighting in his life. While aging and grey haired, he can still put many of his watch recruits (and any taproom brawler) through their paces.

Panril is a close-mouthed, always-calm fighting man, who is Senior Swordmaster of the Riverhewn watch,responsible for purchasing, maintaining, and keeping an account of, all weapons used by officers of the watch. If one goes missing, it is he who will investigate. He is said, in tavern-talk, to put secret marks on all the watch weapons invisible to all but himself ¬óbut this is a myth. Panril also drills watch officers in the use of their arms, and is said to know every trick of tavern- and street-fighting. He also seems to have an uncanny ability to anticipate what an opponent is about to do and be ready for it. If a large brawl or magical fight erupts and a watch patrol calls for reinforcements, and the reinforcements in turn have to blow their horns for additional reinforcements, Panril will almost certainly arrive. He carries a rod of smiting when on duty, and when answering a summons to trouble, he is often accompanied by his daughter, Kalian, a watch-wizard who has a ring of spell turning and a wand of paralyzation on hand at all times, and 11-22 additional watch officers.

Panril Droverson

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