Colan Winterblade

Lord Counselor of Shendenflar


Colan Winterblade is one of Simeon Baras’ oldest friends. They met during the king’s adventuring days and have remained close ever since. Cunning and intelligent Winterblade holds an unique position in the court of King Simeon, he can act as the “Kings’ Voice” meaning that official orders and decrees may be given by him in the name of the king. He takes this responsibility very seriously. Although not a native of Shendenflar he is respected and listened to. He does however have a secret: He is a thief. This is of course not known to anyone save the king. Simeon has been aware of this for years as that is how the two met. A younger Simeon Baras was recruiting a party of adventurers and one of those recruited was Colan Winterblade a wiry charming man of great dexterity. Over the next few years the two shared many adventures and saved each others life countless times. Finally after a long night of celebratory drinking, Winterblade confessed his true profession to Simeon. It was of no great surprise to the future king as Winterblades’ unique skills had not gone unoticed. For his part Simeon merely requested that Colan not steal from him and went on to continue being his friend. Although it has been years since Winterblade has been an active thief he can still be found in the city most nights walking and observing his skill at noticing the unnoticed is uncanny and serves him well with his current post. He is acquainted with most of the more powerful thieves of the city as well as most of the fences and brothel owners. To say he has his “ear to the ground” would be an understatement as very little goes on in Shendenflar (or outside it) that he doesn’t know. He also has extensive contacts in The Free City of Greyhawk, where it is rumored that he is a Oligarch. These rumors cannot be substantiated however. Colan Winterblade is a charming man of average height with no extra girth to slow him down. His long hair is usually pulled back into a pony tail and is just starting to turn gray. He is usually dressed in shades of black with trousers and tabard being his favorite attire he carries two plain silver daggers that he is never seen without. He is witty and engaging and after a conversation with him one often feels as if he has said almost nothing. He is very well suited for his role as Lord Counselor and enjoys it very much.


Colan Winterblade

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